• Arkawa Growth Partners

    Turning innovation into global success

  • Who We Are

    At Arkawa Growth Partners we are committed to working with exceptional entrepreneurs to accelerate their path to global success.
    We have been a proven partner to exciting and innovative entrepreneurs for over a decade.
    Our mission is to keep on working together with companies that bring promising technologies that will help facing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Our Work

    We provide all that is needed to accelerate the growth of your company:
    • Customers
    • Capital & Contacts
    • Cost control & Operational excellence


    We help trailblazing new markets. Over the years we have built up a reliable international network of sales channels in our focus areas. This will not only enable a fast introduction into key markets, it will also provide valuable feedback from international experts. International sales is also a good help in later stage funding rounds.


    Capital & Contacts
    We provide early stage investments. We partner with top-tier venture firms in later stage financing.


    Cost control & Operational excellence
    No matter how good the innovation, in the end it is about the price and the quality of the product. We have extensive (hands- on) experience in complex production techniques, outsourcing production to lower cost countries. Next to outsourcing production, we are also very experienced in Offshoring and Nearshoring IT processes.



  • Focus Areas

    Our focus areas include:

    •     Health care
    •     Fintech
    •     Lifestyle products
    •     Environmental technology
    •     Food and agriculture
    •     Information Technology
  • Meet Our Team

    Arnaud van Beek, CFA

    Erik van 't Klooster, PhD

    Dirk Robers, MSc

    Peter Helander

    Olaf Brouwers

    Marcel Janse

    Wout van Vessem

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